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We are renowned, highly experienced paving contractors offering high quality patio installation services throughout Dublin and bordering counties.

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Both Residential and Commercial Projects

We take on both residential and commercial projects so homeowners, landlords, business owners are all welcome to get in touch and see how we can help you with your next project.

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What we do

We offer a variety of paving and patio services using top quality materials from renowned Irish suppliers, while keeping up to date with latest trends and new materials coming into the market such as resin bound stone systems. We invest time carefully searching for suppliers of each product to ensure we can offer high quality patios at competitive prices.

Why choose us?


We have many years of experience in all aspects of paving and patios. We have had time to perfect our skills and also learn bout new materials and installation processes as the opportunities arose. We are passionate about garden renovations and we are sure it shows in the work we do.

Skilled team

Each member of our team is carefully chosen for their skill set, work ethic, and attitude. We work together as a forward thinking group and we aim for excellent results on each of our projects. For you this means you are getting the results of a ‘well oiled machine’. We have many customers comment on the streamlined approach we take to our work.

Competitive Quality

Quality costs, in every business. But we aim to keep costs as low as possible while maintaining our high standards of quality and customer service. We do this through constant effort on our part to search out suppliers with competitive prices. This material supply, coupled with our time management is what allows us to be competitive while being at the forefront of this growing industry. Our quotations are firstly offered via whatsapp, email or phone. This cuts down on some call out time so we have more time on site. Once the customer is happy with the estimated budget then we call out to discuss and tailor our services and offer the final quotation.


Our jobs are completed in one go. Once we start your project we will have all deliveries and waste collections scheduled so there will be as little disruption to you as possible.


No matter where you’re located in Dublin we will be able to offer references of local work we have completed.

Patio Services

Porcelain Patio

Our most popular patio option in Dublin in 2024. This appealing paving option has shot to the top of the popularity ranking in the last 2-3 years. This is due to an increasing demand for long lasting, low maintenance patio options. Many of our customers simply don’t have the time to spend maintaining, weeding, and cleaning their patio. Porcelain patio tiles are similar to the tiles you would use indoor in your home, they are grouted using mortar or similar grouts. The result is a surface that’s hardwearing, easy to maintain and free from weed growth. The popularity of porcelain can also be attributed to its huge variety of styles and colours. We work with several supplier to bring you a wide range of options. If you find a tile you prefer that isnt from one of our chosen suppliers, we will aim to acquire that specific tile at the best price possible for you.

Imprinted Concrete

This patio type is made of solid concrete. The difference is that we can mix many colour options into the wet concrete so you have a range of colours compared to standard grey concrete. While the surface of the concrete is still setting, we stamp a pattern onto it, this can be anything from brick style to large slabs, and even a compass pattern. Concrete is very hard wearing and now with the colours and stamping options it can also be tailored to your specific taste. In terms of maintenance, the surface is generally weed free. Depending on which colour you choose and the amount of use, it will need to be resealed every 2-5 years to keep it looking at its best.

Granite Patios

Granite has always been a popular option. It's a natural stone which appeals to many customers, while also being easy to maintain. Our installation process which is used to all our natural stone and porcelain patios ensures it is a long lasting option.


This type of patio is made up of small bricks lay in specific patterns. It comes in a variety of styles, colours, sizes and patterns. Also known as block paving or brick paving. The majority of this paving type we source from Kilsaran who is widely known for providing top quality paving and patio products for both residential and commercial projects.

Limestone Patios

Limestone is another natural stone option which comes in 3 main colours: yellow, black and grey. The grey limestone can come in a couple of shades, blue being a light grey and the second being a darker grey.

Tarmac / Asphalt Patios

This option still remains popular and has been so for decades. Typically available in black colour, we can combine steps, borders and designed to add a beautiful tailored finsh to your garden. Popular for large gardens, school yards, creches and car parks. Tarmac can be found in a few other colours such as red, yellow and grey, however the cost of these specific colour options can often push customers to choose another patio option.


This patio option comes in a variety of colours, many with earthy tones. Its a very suitable patio option for cottages, red brick houses and country houses as its colour mixes really compliment these types of homes

Concrete Slabs

This is similar to cobblelock patios, in that it is a manufactured product and the installation process is similar. However the slabs, also known as patio flags, are larger than cobblelock paving. Also available in varying colours, sizes, layouts and textures, and most of our projects are supplied by Kilsaran.

Resin Bound Stone Patio

This option is gaining popularity quickly. It is made up of small washed colourful stones mixed with a resin binder. It can be installed on top of existing concrete, tarmac or paving making it a versatile option for patio renovations.

Who we are

We are a family run business, ran by Tony and Anna. All work is carried out by ourselves and our professional, hard working and skilled team members. Patiopavingdublin.ie is our website presence owned by our company Driveway Paving and Construction Ltd.

Our Vision

Tony is passionate about his work and has a wide variety of skills in all aspects of paving and patio building. Having started his career as a bricklayer he quickly developed his skills in paving and when demand for services grew, decided to enter the business world and open Driveway Paving and Construction Ltd.

Tony runs the business along with Anna, but he still remains hands on on-site for the majority of projects.
We are fully registered and insured so you can rest assured your project is in professional and competent hands.

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